About Laura

Hi there! I’m really excited to begin this step in my fitness journey so thank you for stopping by.  My name is Laura Castel de Oro and for the last three years when people ask me what I do, I have to ask, “Well, which day is it?”

I’ve been teased about my four (yes, 4) jobs but truly, not ONE of them feels like work so I consider myself semi-retired.   At this age, I’ve managed to make all of my favorite things in life work FOR ME.  People are my absolute favorites so all of my jobs include working with people..lots of people.

Fifteen years of teaching English and Computers to adults throughout Los Angeles provided a wonderful life for me and my daughter and now that she is grown and a working professional, I am able to still teach in the classroom one to two days a week. I teach 18 – 83 years old students each term; they are the kindest, most appreciative and most eager to learn population and every minute in the classroom has been a gift.

I knew once my daughter was old enough that the world would be waiting for me so what better way to see the world and still support myself than to become a Flight Attendant for a major carrier? At this point I get to enjoy far off destinations 24 hours at a time. I’m a mid-life flying rookie paying my dues and having a blast.

I  teach group fitness classes in my local area. As much satisfaction as teaching students in the classroom gives me, leading group exercise classes is equally fulfilling with the added bonus of a wild endorphin rush! Honestly, it’s exhilarating and some of my proudest moments are sweating with and witnessing the hard work and how our members push themselves for that hour that we are together all the while smiling and laughing because it’s a party! The energy is addicting and seeing their commitment to themselves truly gives me joy.   It’s an absolute honor and blessing to be a part of people’s fitness journey.  I feel like I’m crashing their party and so excited just to to be there with them.

So we covered service, travel, and exercise, so now let’s talk FOOD! I also own and operate a small tour company that provides historical tours that include food and wine tasting.  As Tour Guide, I get to combine my teaching and hospitality skills.  It’s a wonderful, enjoyable day out with strangers who become friends by the end of our time together.

I’m so excited to be here for you to support, encourage, provide information and  accountability and help you begin or continue taking control of your health and well being in any way you need.  I have access to so many great tools to help match you up with a program that will work beautifully for you.

No Crisis here, just Control!