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Flying, Fitness and Tours OH MY!

Well, this is a different endeavor for me but I can certainly talk so chances are, I’ll have a thing or two to say on paper as well so here it goes!

Welcome to my world.  I still haven’t quite decided how much of a peek you’ll get in to my entire world because some things should remain sacred and private so that if and when i become a big deal (haha) I would have a safe place to retreat.  Oh, we should get this out there right away that  I make myself laugh sometimes but dreaming big never hurt anyone so dream big I must and shall!

It’s so funny, (see there it is again, amusing myself)   I’ve introduced myself countless times to so many different people and groups of people.  Teaching adults for 17 years required that I  introduce  myself to my classes, share  my qualifications and a little bit about the nuts and bolts of who I was personally to give them an idea of who would be leading them for the next 16 weeks or so.   Once past the business of education and experience,  I’d always identify myself as mother.  I had a young daughter and she and I were taking on the world together so that was IT! BIG  stuff, my entire identity it seemed and I loved it and was extremely proud of it.  I valued my role as mother more than my career as a teacher, but teacher paid the bills and gave us a great life with a part time schedule.

She’s now 23 years old, my daily involvement with her involves texting,  meeting for coffee and lunch and scheduling dinners because our schedules are opposite and my traveling has us in different time zones 3 days a week.  I’ve gone from caretaker, driver, and financier to great admirer and friend.  It’s a lot less expensive but truly a tiny bit sad.  My mothering days are all behind me now.  This might seem like a natural progression, and there is a great joy in the freedom that I have now but  I wasn’t at all  prepared to have to think of a new way to introduce myself.  Mother was easy…it came with a long list of responsibilities, activities and schedules to keep so it flew by and it seemed like my life was very full.   Passions, my life revolved around passions but they weren’t mine, they were hers.  Dance, musical theater,  chorus, and boys.   This is not a gripe, this was the best time of my life but once she was more independent, it was oh too clear that I didn’t have interests of my own, or any activities that I was involved with, my friends were all far away…woah, I was isolated and I had to do something to fix that quick!

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