Happy New You 2017!

So excited you stopped by!  You’ve either reached the  point you are just tired of being tired or ready to start something new.   congratulations for whatever reason you’re here, you’ve done a great thing for yourself so embrace it!  Even if you feel a twinge of awkwardness or fear, you’re doing a great thing!  You’re putting yourself on the list of things to do, you’re making your health a priority and everyone wins when we take care of ourselves.   So take a deep sigh of relief and let’s do this.  

I’ve got five days of clean eating for you that we will start on Monday, January 9th.  It’s absolutely free, it’s a tiny peek into a wonderful healthful, delicious lifestyle and we will be adding exercise in.  There’s no torture here, no force feeding or making you do things you know your taste buds and body will suffer through.  This is about falling in love with a healthy lifestyle and making it work for you.  We are grown ups here,  for goodness sake, we are Midlife fit-friends so we want to start something we will be able to finish.  I promise you, lean on me, reach out and I will be here for you. 






No Crisis here, just Control!